EasyKnock, a barely 2-year-old company that will give homeowners cash for their home and then let them stay on as a renter for up to 5 years. At any time during that lease, they can buy their home back. At the end of the lease, they choose if they want to stay or go. The company gives the homeowner about 70% of the appraised value of the home.....insulating them from any market downturn. If they choose to have EasyKnock sell, they get the full value of the sale, including appreciation, minus the 70% EasyKnock paid and minus a 1.5% commission on the final sale price. So far the company has bought about 100 homes in 5 southern states. (CNBC)


Not a single CFO from North America on the CNBC Global CFO Council (collectively managing nearly $5 trillion in market value across a wide variety of sectors) believes there will be a recession this year, according to the first quarter 2019 CNBC CFO survey. For the first time in 11 quarters (since Q2 2016), the CNBC Global CFO Council downgraded its view of the U.S. economy from "improving" to "stable." Meanwhile, China and the UK were both downgraded from "stable" to "declining." (CNBC)


73% of respondents to a recent survey show they have delayed at least one major life milestone because of their student loan debt. Participants said they've put off buying a house (23%), saving for retirement (29%), saving for emergencies (34%) or paying off other debt (27%). (Bankrate)


The Global Wellness Index is based on metrics ranging from government healthcare spending to rates of depression, alcohol use, smoking, happiness, and exercise, in an attempt by economists to evaluate the world beyond economic growth. Canada rated #1 while the USA came in at #37. South Africa (my birthplace) was last...😕

- Leonard Steinberg 

Chief Evangelist

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