No, you were not imagining things....Google is looking into issues with its cloud service after users reported that several apps were down yesterday, including YouTube, Gmail and Snapchat. I thought I was losing my mind!


The 2019 hurricane season begins Saturday, and millions of homes across the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts are at risk of being damaged by storm surge from a tropical cyclone. More than 7.3 million single- and multi-family homes are located in areas along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts that could be affected by storm surge if a hurricane or tropical storm were to hit. Altogether, it would cost an estimated $1.8 trillion to rebuild these properties. Florida has more than 2.9 million homes that are located in areas prone to storm surge damage, more than any other state. Louisiana is second, followed by New York and Texas. (Corelogic)


Today, 35.7 million Americans live alone, 28% of households, up from 13% of households in 1960 and 23% in 1980, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Households with one to two people make up 59% of total U.S. buying households and about 51% of total U.S. retail food and beverage sales. (WSJ)

“The cartel has been broken when it comes to listings. Zillow has all the buyers. The moat today is the hidden information, the sold data, off-market data and agent commission.” - Rob Hahn, 7DS Associates. Another reminder that he/she who has the eyeballs of the consumer holds the future! Buyers create markets. Without buyers there IS no market.

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