International Woman's Day

Compass celebrates balance for a better world: come visit the 11th floor at HQ today to celebrate International Women’s Day with Women of Compass and our photo booth! Are you following the @womenofcompass on INSTAGRAM? If not, you should! I am...

And to the magnificent, impressive, powerful, incredible women of Compass, I say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!


Mortgage applications fell 2.5% last week...however, the average loan size for purchase applications increased to a record high, led by a rise in the average size of conventional loans. This suggests that move-up and higher-end buyers have so far become a greater share of the spring market. Affordability/shortages on the entry level remain a problem. (CNBC)


Wildfires destroyed more U.S. homes and buildings last year than at any other point in recorded history, so now the challenge comes to build houses that are fire-resistant, not just in California: increasingly intense wildfires have happened recently in Colorado, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Fire-resistant building ingredients include fiber cement composite siding rather than typical wood shingles or planks, rock mulch instead of plant mulch, plantings at least 5 ft from the siding, siding raised 6" off the ground, dual-paned, tempered glass windows, metal (cleaned out) gutters. (WSJ)


Anyone being smug about other people's floods should know flooding WITHIN homes is a growing issue: Old pipes and valves, worn-out hoses on second-story washing machines and faulty connections for a proliferation of water-using appliances are causing a surge in increasingly expensive damage reported to insurers. Many other types of claims - including fire - have declined in frequency. 2% of homeowners filed a water-damage claim each year between 2013 and 2017, up from 1.44% annually between 2005 and 2009 resulting in $13 billion damages for homeowners’ insurance companies in 2017. Claims average about $10,000. Here are problem areas worth evaluating:

ROOF AND ATTIC: Missing, worn or broken roofing material may allow water to penetrate. The attic should be properly ventilated.

BATHROOM: Inspect to determine that caulking is watertight in tubs and shower stalls. Watch for dripping under sinks.

KITCHEN AND LAUNDRY ROOM: Inspect water supply hoses for appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, ice makers, garbage disposals and washing machines.

BASEMENT: Know where the shutoff valve is for the main water supply. Consider shutting off your water if away from home for a week or more. Inspect visible plumbing lines and your water heater for leaks or damage. Avoid storing valuables in your basement; use racks for elevation if you do.

TERRACES: Especially in zones that freeze, shutting down water supplies should be handled professionally. (WSJ)

Maybe a good item to send to your clientele? Being a great real estate professional is not just about transactions...


In my household, 2 people use the building gym at least 5 days per week. We each used to pick up a plastic cup to drink water during our workouts...and then throw it away. A few months ago we started to share a plastic cup that we save and re-use...that's almost 500 plastic cups saved from waste PER YEAR, not to mention a savings to the building! Now imagine if all other 80+ apartments in the building did the same (40,000 cups!)...Little things can achieve big results....even bigger when multiplied!


The most expensive new car ever sold is a one-off Bugatti luxury sports car that has been sold for $18.9 million. True exclusivity always commands a massive premium.

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